Welcome to ingeniérate!

The day we finally perform the engineering blog has come, we finally perform ingenieráte. It begins with the idea to have a place where publish our professional knowledge, engineering hobby and spread it to the people.

We are María Elena González and Roberto Carlos Cruceira, engineers with experience in aeronautic and automotive sectors. We consider us restless mind and for this reason we like learn about other sectors, new technologies and all topics concerning to engineering.

Why ingeniérate?

It is difficult find a name in only word for the blog which resume something as big as engineering, especially in our case that we want to write about sectors where we work and interesting technology advances. For the previous reason we have chosen ingeniérate which in Spanish looks like an imperative expression. We want transmit with this word the needs to learn, know and practise engineering in a world which the technology is becoming more and more important and increase exponentially.

We hope the publications are interesting and we would like receive your opinions and suggestion for the topics written or another one you prefer. In this way we will try to make the blog the most interactive as possible.

Regards to all readers and welcome to ingeniérate!

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